QNET’s AirPure Air Purifier incorporates four stages of air filtration but one of those filters will do something no other air filter can, energise the air! OK, wait a minute, energise the air? Yes sir, and in this article I’m going to tell you how it manages it.

The manufacturers of AirPure have teamed up with the energy experts of Amezcua to create a revolutionary Amezcua Air Filter encapsulating the science of Amazcua’s energy range to energise air as it passes through the AirPure Air Purifier.

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The result is air that is not only clean and healthy but which also has a harmonising and energising effect on living, breathing bodies. But how?

According to Amezcua, there exists two types of electromagnetic waves – Hertz waves and Tesla or Scalar waves. Hertz waves oscillate transversely while Tesla waves oscillate longitudinally. Hertz waves are a big part of everyday physics but a growing number of experts recognise the importance of Tesla waves.

Named after the man who discovered them in 1899, Nikola Tesla; it is believed Tesla waves have many potential applications like super-fast communications and wireless electricity. But Amezcua says that Tesla waves are also biologically important and used extensively by nature in the regulation of all living things.

The Amezcua Air Filter is designed using a proprietary process to emit Tesla waves which are, in turn, absorbed by the human body with naturally energising and harmonising effects.

Testing and Certification of the Amezcua Air Filter

To test the energising effects of the AirPure Air Purifier, we sent it to Dr. Manfred Doepp at the Quantica Health Centre in Bichwil, Switzerland for testing.

Dr. Doepp tested the AirPure on a group of subjects who breathed in air from the air purifier and compared the results to two control groups..

The study measured heart rate variability, merdian diagnostics and aura-scopy using the TimeWaver™ device. It is believed that these measurements can detect and demonstrate energising and harmonising effects.

The results speak for themselves. The table below summarises the energising and harmonising performance of the AirPure Air Purifier compared to the control experiments.

Powered offPowered on with no filterOn with Amezcua Air Filter installed
Heart Rate VariabilityNot SignificantSignificantHighly Significant
Meridian diagnostics

In his report detailing the results, Dr. Doepp explains that the testing demonstrates that the AirPure Air Purifier with Amezcua Air Filter effectively balances and strengthens energy and harmony. He also confirms that the results are highly statistically significant.

So there you have it, protect the health of everyone in your household with not just clean air but air that also naturally energises and harmonises, find the AirPure Air Purifier and Amezcua Air Filter (also sold separately) in the eStore under Home Care today.



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