The HomePure Eaze is undergoing a rigorous testing programme to ensure its materials, structural integrity and efficacy all reach the NSF certified gold standard.

You would have noticed the NSF certification mark on many products in QNET’s HomePure range, but how much do you know about NSF or what our products have to go through to achieve certification? The friendly folk at NSF have given us photos of the new HomePure Eaze actually going through the certification and testing process. Plus, you can now view the logo and HomePure’s NSF certification details on NSF’s website!

NSF has a long history and its roots are in North America where it started in 1944 at a time that saw more Americans dining out, triggering a need for food safety standards in a modern consumer society.

Reviewing the specifications of the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System.
Bird's-eye-view of an NSF lab where water filters such as the HomePure Eaze and 7-Stage are tested and certified.


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Today, NSF is an international operation dedicated to human health through food safety standards and certifications. The organisation employs over 1,700 staff in laboratories across Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. NSF has created many public health standards for protecting drinking water which are used by the US Environmental Protection Agency, cementing the reputation of NSF as the undisputed leader in water quality assurance.

HomePure products have two types of NSF water quality certification, one for complete water filtration systems and the other is for specific components.

NSF Certified SystemsNSF Certified Components
HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System

HomePure Eaze**

7 in 1 Replacement Filter Cartridge

HomePure Eaze Filter Cartridge**

Alkalising Ceramic Ball Technology (inside HomePure Alkaline Jug and Stick)

The new HomePure Eaze and HomePure Filter Cartridge were currently undergoing testing and certification was pending at the time of publication of this article.

Every five years, the HomePure Eaze and 7-Stage water filtration systems undergo rigorous testing of all parts including an annual audit of our production facility in South Korea. Testing covers the safety of materials, structural integrity and confirmation that the claims made about removal of contaminants are all 100% true and effective.

All this gives you the peace of mind that the water you drink with HomePure is of the highest quality. Visit the NSF website to see HomePure’s NSF Certification and log in to the QNET eStore and see the full HomePure range available to you right now.

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