The Himalayan Crystal Collection™ has just welcomed two new exquisite pieces – the Himalayan Crystal Heartbeat pendant and the Himalayan Crystal Heptagon pendant.

Throughout history, the heart has long been recognised across cultures as being a symbol for love, charity, joy and compassion. These contexts epitomise the brilliance of the Heartbeat pendant made of 15.7g crystal, 925 sterling silver plated with Rhodium, and bejewelled with 0.06 ct delicate diamonds. A black rubber chain adds on the pulsation of the craft representing the many traits of love.

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Himalayan Crystal Collection Heptagon Pendant
Himalayan Crystal Collection™ Heartbeat Pendant


The seven-sided heptagon pendant symbolises each of the seven days of the week. Set against an exquisite black rubber chain, the Heptagon pendant is made of eye-catching 17.1 g sterling silver 925, plated with rhodium and embellished with 0.06 ct intriguing diamonds. Delicately mod, the play of light from the pendant can transform negative emotions into a positive one.

Himalayan crystals are found 3,000 metres above sea level in the Himalayan mountain ranges. According to crystal experts, Himalayan crystals amplify energy and possess a particularly high energy vibration. This is why believers in the power of crystal regard Himalayan crystal as the most powerful well-being crystal in the mineral kingdom.

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