This week, these two videos appeared in our YouTube Channel showing QNET staff and leaders bouncing about and getting excited about the number 10. QNET channels on Facebook and Instagram are buzzing since the appearance of the videos and teaser images showing QNET leaders and Executives holding chalk boards with the number 10 written on them.

Images posted so far include, one of QNET Managing Director JR Mayer while another features V Partner Adly Hassan.

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One follower online said she was excited before even knowing what it was while others were so beside themselves that they were roused into passionate exclamations of their love for QNET.

When asked what it was all about, QNET Social Media Manager Rita Suttarno who oversees all of QNET’s social channels told QBuzz, “All I can say is that Q10 is something that will make your success go on and on and on… You’re going to see it unfold as we post more great content that we’ve put our hearts and souls into. Look forward to it, share your guesses with us, and join the fun!”

Whatever it is, it seems big and evidently it’s pretty safe to assume, there is going to be 10! Share your comments, guesses, dreams, hopes and aspirations on #‎QNETQ10 and stay tuned!