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This Network Marketing Principle is the Key to Success

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This handy presentation is all about duplication, an often cited principle that many say is the keys to success in network marketing. The reasoning goes that if you’re successful and can get your team members to be as successful as you, then your success will grow as your team grows.

Dedicate your time and effort to your committed downlines only. Guide them through the process of generating leads to develop their own networks as quickly as possible. Your committed presence and support will ensure that the right methods are duplicated successfully.

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Teach team members a very clear and specific system. Provide them with the methods you have used and proven to be effective and give them the tools they need to be able to train their downlines too!

Hold them accountable too. Be firm but not overbearing to make them understand how well the system would work for them if they follow it correctly.

Who’re the top leaders in your growing team? Identify them and develop them further. Network marketing is all about raising oneself to help others raise themselves to help even more do the same!



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