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Q10 is Revealed as Super Hybrid Game Changer

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The wait is over, as QNET Executives and leaders from The V tour major cities unveiling Q10, the word has spread and the secret is out – Q10 is the game changing new super hybrid compensation plan that is going to rock your world!

Launching on 18 April, Q10 will be the ultimate game changer simply because the compensation plan is the lifeblood of this company. It drives your success as a QNET Independent Representative.

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It is called a super hybrid plan because it introduces a major renewed focus on Repeat Sales Points (RSP). It does this by being two plans in one – the Main Plan and the all new RSP Plan! As a result, Q10 is a huge step forward in network marketing compensation that is going to significantly improve your income potential.

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The Power of 10

So why is it called Q10? Because this super hybrid compensation plan multiplies your earning potential with the power of ten ways to earn! So whereas before there were 8 ways to earn like under the old plan, now there are ten! 10 ways to earn more commission!

See your World Plan Virtual Office for  full details, resources and videos telling you everything you could possibly want to know about Q10. Make sure you talk to your upline to ensure you’re fully prepared to change your game for the better!



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