Minimising your family’s risk of exposure to indoor air pollutants entails getting an air purifier that really does its job of cleaning the air inside your very home. However, there are tons of air purifiers in the market; so what makes AirPure stand out from the rest?

The short answer is that the AirPure Air Purifier incorporates a unique combination of 4-stages of air purification that delivers up to 99.97% pure air. Particularly, it’s the only air purification system that uses the revolutionary Amezcua Air Filter to boost the air your family breathes.

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Unique Combination of 4 stages of Air Purification

1. Antimicrobial Preliminary Filter designed in Switzerland. Unlike prefilters in other air purifiers, the Antimicrobial Preliminary Filter traps the largest dust particles and eliminates common airborne bacteria and viruses using Silversan technology. To maintain the efficiency of your unit, replace this filter every 6 months. However, if the unit is operated continuously, you may need to replace the filter more frequently. Replacements can be purchased from eStore.

2. HPP™ Filter System (High Potential Particle) filters out viruses, bacteria, fine dust, pollen, dust mite excretions, mould and fungi up to 0.3 microns. Even more specifically, the HPP™ Filter System traps and destroys even the finest dust, pollutants, microbials and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they pass through the filter. For easy maintenance, wash the HPP Filter with soapy water every 2 months. For excessively smoky or dusty air, wash once per month.

How about the HEPA type filter of other air purifiers?

The primary downside of a HEPA air filter is the noise level associated with moving sufficient air through the HEPA filter for a given room.  Noise is subjective and some users don’t mind the white noise effect but some don’t like the noise level on the the higher fan speeds of a HEPA air purifier.

3. Activated Carbon Filter complements the necessary purification of incoming indoor air by absorbing unpleasant odours as well as eliminates common VOCs. Activated carbon adsorbs as much as 60% of its weight in airborne pollutants. For maximum filtration efficiency, replace the Activated Carbon Filter every 6 months, replacements are available from the eStore.

4. Amezcua Air Filter – Energises air as it passes through the AirPure Air Purifier, harmonising and energising the room as well as you. The Amezcua Air Filter should be replaced every 2 years to maintain maximum effect. Read about the results of testing of the Amezcua Air Filter.

That’s what makes AirPure unique in 4 different ways! If you don’t have an AirPure yet, log in to your eStore now and find it under Home Care. AIRPURE IS CURRENTLY ON PROMO IN WORLD PLAN – 20% OFF!

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