Virtual-Office-Q10-2015We know you’re all excited about next weekend’s 18 April launch of Q10 – QNET’s Super Hybrid Compensation Plan that gives you more earning opportunities!

To make sure that this amazing enhancement happens smoothly, your Virtual Office will go through a makeover to get ready for this exciting game changer. Please take note and inform your downlines that your Virtual Office and eStore will not be available temporarily on Saturday, 18 April 2015, 00:01 – 15:00 HKST.

And, once your Virtual Office is up and running, you can immerse yourself in the benefits of Q10, our range of new products and a whole new Virtual Office!

Stand by for another article giving you a sneak peek at what your refreshed Virtual Office is going to look like. One thing we can say is that it’s nothing short of awesome!

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