Tuesday, May 24, 2022

SLIDES: All 10 Ways to Earn Under Q10 Explained Here

In the upcoming Q10 Super Hybrid Compensation Plan launchin on 18 April there are 10 amazing ways to earn. That’s 2 more than under the old plan! See this slide presentation to see all 10 ways to earn in point form!

1. Retail profit
2. Early payout
3. Step commission
4. Repeat sales commissions
5. Step commission rank advancement
6. Monthly RSP rank advancement
7. RSP rank advancement bonus
8. RSP rank maintenance bonus
9. World performance pool
10. Year-round incentives!!

Woah, so much to take in, can you recognise which 2 are the new kids on the block. Get familiar with them all as they hold the keys to all your dreams!

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