Have you marked 18 April 2015 on your calendar yet? It’s a red-letter day for all of us in QNET as it’s the day we launch Q10 – our ultimate game changer for the year.

Here’s another reason you might not contain your excitement – the QNET Virtual Office has been given a major makeover! It’s now intuitive, responsive, sleek and sexy! You can start enjoying its new look when it gets unveiled on the very same day Q10 is launched.

Want a sneak peek? Here we go!

Any idea how your new Virtual Office looks on mobile? Check this out , the site’s design is totally responsive so it auto-adjusts on any device – smart phones, tablets, phablets, you name it.
And, to help you keep track of your new referrals, we’ve added this feature as well. Amazing, right?
If you click on the bell icon on the top navigation panel, you’ll see the list of notifications. With this, you’ll never fall behind on QNET news and announcements.
To further help you keep track of your business, we’ve added a visual BV counter!
This is the awesomeness that greets you when you log in – your spanking new QNET Virtual Office!
This is your new Login Page. Quite a nice welcome, isn’t it?


Look forward to seeing these and more when you log into your Virtual Office from 18 April 2015 onwards!