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QNET Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs in Dubai Event

QNET Global Head of PR Priyadashinee Purusothaman (right) and media representatives

QNET celebrated Women’s Month by hosting an exclusive women’s lifestyle event at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Dubai, UAE on 31 March 2015. Theme of the event was “Make it happen” – QNET’s way of celebrating women entrepreneurs and a call for more and more women to take up entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is exactly about making things happen and getting things done, and women are well-known to wield this power be it in their households or in the corporate world. One of the cornerstones of QNET’s philosophy is equality. A famous saying goes, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. More and more women are finding their true calling in selling because of their intuitive nature. Women are natural-born entrepreneurs.

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During the event, QNET showcased its feminine range of products in wellness, fashion and beauty especially designed to make women feel younger, more powerful and look their best. These included the newest make-up collection, Couleurs by QNET, the breakthrough skin care range Physio Radiance, and the best slimming innovation Shapers, as well as the luxury Bernhard H. Mayer® lady watches and jewellery alongside the Umayal Collection and Adiva Divine. QNET also conducted a short talk about women’s valuable contributions to making the world a better place to live in.

Some of the media outlets represented in the event were Al Sada, Arabia.com, Emirates oman, Go Dubai, Mydubainews.com, Sharazad, The Gulf Today – Time Out, Dubai Eye, Capital Business, Cosmopolitan, Rose magazine, Good Taste, Style Vault, Wknd (Khaleej Times) and The Filipino Times.


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