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The RSP Education Courses You Need to Know About

Q Education Presentation Cover

There will soon be four repeat (RSP) products available in the Education category of the QNET eStore with the launch of a new purchase option for the SMC University MBA and ABBA business degrees.

All categories of the eStore are benefiting from new RSP products designed to complement the enhanced Q10 Compensation Plan. The Education category is no different and this slide presentation outlines your RSP choices for online education courses and services.

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The RSP purchase option is an affordable way to study because it allows you to purchase a course in smaller, part-packages. That means no expensive one-off payment for the whole course at the beginning as the cost is spread over the duration of your studies. Plus, the total course cost once you finish is less than if you purchased the course in full at the beginning.

See slide 9 of the presentation for a table describing the RSP option available on these four Education products: Swiss eLearning Institute Business English, Swiss eLearning Institute Online Library, SMC University ABBA (RSP) and SMC University MBA (RSP).

Learn while your earn, unleash the potential of your QNET business with Education and Q10!



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