QNET Life Site

Your QNET Life Site experience has just been enriched further by the following big enhancements on the site and the services.

  1. New backend design!

Above image is a screen capture of the backend when you login to the site. It’s now more organised and hands down, much more pleasant to your eyes.

  1. New landing pages!

Login to the site now to check out a set of fresh landing page options that you can choose from.

Special mention goes to the QNET4U landing page. QNET4U is a great product to promote as it’s an app designed to be used by networkers like you in introducing QNET to prospects from anywhere in the world through four simple functions; namely, the Living Proof video, the QNET Product Catalogue, the QNET Opportunity video and the IR Registration Page.

  1. Email limitation now depends on your subscription.

Before, QNET Life Site users were allowed to send out only 1,000 emails per month. Starting 18 April 2015, this email limitation now depends on your subscription plan.

3-Month Subscription – 1,000 emails/month
6-Month Subscription – 1,500 emails/month
12-Month Subscription – 2,000 emails/month

If you’re a QNET Life Site user, you may check out these enhancements by logging in to the site. If you have yet to get a subscription, do it now by going to your eStore and finding QNET Life Site under Technology.

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