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This is How You Become a Game Changer!


You’ve been reading the phrase ‘game changer’ in our communication channels and hearing it shouted out loud in our trainings and events most notably in the recently held V-Malaysia 2015. It is for the reason that 2015 is the game changer year for QNET as we introduce brand new products and optimised services that will change the way the company and you, as our Independent Representatives, do the business to make your business even bigger, stronger and louder.

But, what is a game changer? YOU can be a game changer. Your thoughts and actions can be game changers.

Forbes.com contributor Mike Myatt defines game changer as “that ah-ha moment where you see something others don’t. It’s the transformational magic that takes organisations from ordinary to exceptional.”

According to the book GAMECHANGERS by Peter Fisk, “Game changers are disruptive and innovative. They are more ambitious, with stretching vision and enlightened purpose. They see markets as kaleidoscopes of infinite possibilities, assembling and defining them to their advantage. They find their own space, then shape it in their own vision. Most of all they have great ideas. They out-think their competition, thinking bigger and different. They don’t play the game, they change the game. They don’t believe in being slightly cheaper or slightly better, which leads to diminishing returns. They create their own space. They create their future.”

Rocket scientist, internet entrepreneur and popular speaker Mary Spio writes, “If you have a vision, a passion or a dream within your heart, you are no different from Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or anyone else who has ever changed the game and achieved uncommon success. You may not have a vision to change the world, but neither did they in the beginning. They simply had a vision to change their little corner of the world. We all hold different keys for moving our world forward, and the beautiful thing is we do not know who holds which keys. Each and every one of us is a Game Changer in the making; we just may not realise it yet.

“As a child, I ran around barefoot, looking like a poster child for Feed the Children. I didn’t see my first computer until I was seventeen. Yet within a decade, I was working on a NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project and, shortly after, designing and launching satellites into space as a deep space scientist. By age twenty-nine, I was head of a satellite communications team that pioneered digital cinema technology that changed the motion picture industry. Since then, I’ve launched an award-winning magazine, despite the fact that I don’t have a degree in journalism or any publishing industry experience. I’ve also founded two multimillion-dollar companies and worked with clients such as Microsoft Xbox and the Coca-Cola Company.

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“What I have achieved is a testament to the opportunities and possibilities that abound for those who have a dream, are willing to work tirelessly and are crazy enough to believe they can change their corner of the world.”

Mary went from being a hungry child growing up in Ghana, West Africa, to being a deep space engineer, entrepreneur and Game Changer!

In her book entitled It’s Not Rocket Science, she presents these seven traits for achieving uncommon success:

  • Unbridled Creativity
  • Radical Passion
  • Active Compassion
  • Obsessive Focus
  • Relentless Hustle
  • Extreme Audacity
  • Pit Bull Tenacity

She adds, “Although we are not necessarily born with all of these traits, each of us has the ability to cultivate them. The real capital for greatness is not money, but developing these traits. Cultivate these Game Changer traits by design, and soon they will become your default.”

So remember, you are a game changer! You may not be a game changer to the entire world but you are a game changer to yourself, your family and your community.



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