Give your prospects the best sales experience using this state-of-the-art app!

Presentación enables you to present the QNET business to your prospects in the most efficient way in this digital age. The app provides high definition media files that you can bring with you to use for promoting your business anytime, anywhere – even places with no Internet connection.

You’ll never fall behind with updates about QNET products and promos. Wherever you are in the world, Presentación brings you up-to-date information and materials quickly and efficiently, all in an innovative and impressive package.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Up-to-date and high definition videos, images, presentations, word files and many more in one comprehensive app.
  • Offline capability and automated sync function.
  • No need to switch apps and disturb the conversation flow.
  • Customise presentations by tagging content to specific agendas for quick and easy retrieval.
  • Follow-up feature will enable sending of materials directly to prospects.
  • Available in multiple languages.

With options of 2-, 6-, 12-, and 24-month subscriptions, Presentación can help you a lot in your business. Head on to your eStore now and find it under Technology!

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