QNET joins the entire world today in celebrating World Environment Day. This year’s theme is #7BillionDreams. 1 Planet. Consume with Care. Dreaming is the first step towards actualising a Future We Want. Imagine what 7 billion dreams can do when they come true!

Watch this video in which Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts reminds us that we are dependent on Mother Nature and we share this planet with billions of others that have an equal stake in maintaining it. And, wait till you hear the powerful question she leaves us with at the end of the video. It definitely puts things into perspective.

We are in Network Marketing. We are in the business of building relationships. Let’s use these relationships to encourage and inspire our communities to share our dreams for a healthier planet and to make pledges in support of sustainable environmental development goals.

Let’s consume with care for a healthier planet and happier people!

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