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What is NSF and Why is It so Important?

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When you look at your HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration unit, you will notice a blue circle on it that reads ‘NSF Independently Certified’. What does this mean?

NSF International is an international non-profit, non-governmental third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet public health and safety standards. NSF is recognised around the world for its scientific and technical expertise in health and environmental sciences and, to date, offers its services in more than 155 countries.

The microbiologists, engineers, chemists, toxicologists and other environmental professionals employed by NSF are experts in their fields and work hard in state-of-the-art laboratories to help ensure the products that we use every day – home appliances, dietary products, cosmetics, water treatment systems, and the like – are safe and effective.

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The NSF Certification is recognised by regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and international level. Having a product NSF Certified distinguishes it from other similar products in the market and shows that the organisation that sells this product is committed to quality, compliance with international standards, and public safety.

Furthermore, NSF conducts periodic facility audits and product testing to verify that the product continues to comply with the standard. And so, by purchasing a product which is independently certified by NSF such as QNET’s HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System, you are not only assured that it will work according to its claims, you are also protecting your and your loved ones’ health and well-being.



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