Amina Davlatshoeva is a QNET Independent Representative who hails from Tajikistan but is now based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She’s found success in the business and is well on her way to becoming one of the next Network Marketing superstars.

In this interview, she shares her story that details the challenging yet fulfilling life of a QNET IR.

How did you hear about QNET and how did you become an IR?

It’s a funny story, quite unexpected! I asked a stranger for street directions and the stranger invited me, in a very friendly manner, to a presentation. I attended the presentation, really liked it and agreed with the overall business concept. It was done in quite a professional manner and important facts and details were disclosed openly. I’m passionate about development and I advocate social responsibility. I have not heard of QNET before and I did not know anybody in the system, but I made the decision to join. The stranger became my upline – that’s how I started.

What are the challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

Challenge is a word I always make friends with. I knew right from the start that this business will be a challenge and so, I registered in it. I signed up for the challenge!

The biggest challenge for me was the shift from a successful career to entrepreneurship as it was a decision that I had to make and stick to no matter what. This was a self-made challenge. I was supposed to be a Doctor of Science that teaches at a university but I found myself in a totally different field. I changed my ‘destiny’.

“I was supposed to be a Doctor of Science that teaches at a university but I found myself in a totally different field. I changed my destiny.”

Another big challenge that my team and I face is building the business in Afghanistan. I’d like the readers to imagine how it is to work with communities that are deprived of basic needs – food, shelter and basic hygiene. Yet, we bring the good news of QNET to rural Afghanistan to let the people know that they can achieve financial freedom. Some people tell us “You are crazy, mad people!” but when I hear these comments, it’s when I believe the strongest that I am on the right path. I have always believed that organisations that conscientiously carry out CSR initiatives, like QNET thru its CSR arm RYTHM Foundation, are great engines for doing ethical business, the right business. We face a whole range of daily challenges in Afghanistan – people, communications, registrations, trainings and travels, but we are never backing out.

Border crossing from Afghanistan to Tajikistan with my business partner (downline) for trainings
Border crossing from Afghanistan to Tajikistan with my business partner (downline) for trainings

In Tajikistan, the Internet and eCommerce are very new. It is a slow shift to the virtual world. Tajikistan is still on the industrial world platform, using all manual, face-to-face communications. So, building the QNET business through meetings and presentations seems a slow and gradual process. With this, there’s a lot of follow-ups required. But again, this challenge is part of the deal, right? No one ever said that achieving financial freedom is easy. I believe that in each step of life, there are varying challenges.

I use different approaches in overcoming challenges. I use tools to understand the gaps and how I can fill them. I do a lot of analysis to ascertain the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs. I always write notes of reflection that help me find ways and solutions. I talk and (happily) argue with my upline a lot. I also use Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s teaching on ‘confrontation’ every time I need to confront an issue. I can say there are a lot of tools and solutions provided by QNET and The V that IRs can use. I’m also quite a reader so I take advices from books.

What are your favourite QNET products? Why?

I’m amazed at how the range of QNET products has expanded from the time I joined in 2013 to the present. I like the Expressions by De Moda scarves, the watches – especially Bernhard H. Mayer® La Vida Ceramic, and the Physio Radiance products that I am using. Q-breaks is also one of the best! The Thailand package was amazing and it really delivers what it offers when you’ve reached your destination. I had an amazing time in Prana Beach Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand!

Amina in QVI Club-owned Prana Beach Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand
Amina in Prana Beach Villas, a QVI Club-owned resort in Koh Samui, Thailand

How often do you purchase QNET products? Do you use any consumable products (nutrition, personal care, digital products, etc)?

Now that I am in the UAE, I purchase Personal Care products more frequently.

What do you think of Q10, our super hybrid compensation plan?

Amazing plan! It is hard to believe that one can earn very well from doing direct selling. I am still learning the plan but I’m getting good at it. I salute the people who developed the plan. Well done!!!

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