Sunday, June 11, 2023

Are You Suffering From the Cellular Energy Crisis?

LifeQode-Cellular-Energy-Crisis (1280x1280)Do you tire too easily? Ever feel like you’re low on energy most of the time? You might be affected by the cellular energy crisis affecting millions of people around the world. But QNET has a healthy and convenient solution in its new LifeQode range of food supplements.

Modern lifestyles take a toll on your health. Your cells are constantly being damaged by free radicals generated by factors like pollution, radiation, stress, poor diet, and bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Cells, being the basic structural unit for all organisms, are what make human beings alive and keep your organs functional. By denying your body the right amount of care, you deny yourself of healthy cells, and this affects your quality of life.

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You see, each cell contains smaller pieces such as macromolecules and organelles. Of the organelles, the mitochondria are considered to have the most impact on how your body functions. Known as the “energy powerhouse of the cell”, mitochondria are responsible for taking in nutrients and breaking them down to keep the cell – and, in effect, your organs and your entire body supplied with energy.

To sum this up, damaged or infected cells mean a damaged energy source for the body; and a body low on energy is a body that is failing to function as it should, leaving you feeling tired and increasing your risk of disease.

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This is the future that the world is facing, and for many, it is already a very present reality. But it isn’t too late. You can save yourself from the cellular energy crisis – by adopting a lifestyle that promotes better health. This includes eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, eating more fruit and vegetables, and supplementing your diet with targeted nutrition such as provided by LifeQode.

LifeQode is an expert selection of food supplements from QNET to promote long-life and vitality. There are currently four delicious supplements in the range:

  • EDG3 contains a US-Patended blend of amino acids to increase cellular glutathione (GSH) – the master antioxidant, immune booster, and detoxifier.
  • Kenta, inspired by the traditional diet of the people of Okinawa, is the youthful secret to your longevity and nutrition all in one food-based drink to balance hormone levels naturally.
  • Berry Xtreme is an explosion of energising antioxidant goodness from six super fruits that have the highest antioxidant capacities.
  • Alloe V with Aloe vera from an organic farm in the arid soils of Mexico, add Alloe V to your drinks as a digestive cleanser or apply directly to skin and hair.

Buy LifeQode from the Health & Wellness category of your QNET eStore today.


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