Q10 Retail Profit

Have you been thinking that you can only start earning in your QNET business after you QUALIFY and ACTIVATE? 

You’ve been thinking wrong.

First, what is Retail Profit?

Retail Profit is the price paid by your customer and your discounted price as an IR. It is one out of the 10 ways you can earn from Q10. 

Here’s the simple formula:

    Enrol as a QNET IR 

+ Sell QNET Products to New Direct Referrals* and Retail Customers

= Earn up to 25% Retail Profit from every sale!

Not yet Qualified and Activated? No Problem! You can start earning Retail Profit from your sales right after you register as a QNET Independent Representative.

This works for both Main and RSP Plans. 

This also simply means that apart from earning First Purchase Retail Profit from the first purchases of your new Direct Referrals, you can also earn up to 25% Retail Profit from the purchases of your Retail Customers.

Not clear enough?

Purchases from:

Retail Profit?

New Direct Referrals (first purchase)


Existing Direct Referrals (subsequent purchases)


New Retail Customers


Existing Retail Customers


Why won’t you earn Retail Profit from the 
succeeding purchases of your existing Direct Referrals? Simple. First purchases of all new IRs are still at Retail Price and the Retail Profit goes automatically to their Direct Referrers. For their next purchases, they will already be purchasing at IR discounted price.  This basically means that they will already personally benefit from their own purchases through IR discounted price.  

But don’t fret, you will still get your Group Business Volume (GBV)** and Group Repeat Sales Points (GRSP)*** from their purchases.

Earn your Retail Profit now!

* Applies to New Direct Referral’s First Purchases only.
** You need to be Qualified to earn GBV.
*** You need to maintain RSP ranks to earn GRSP.

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