Saturday, May 21, 2022

Be the Healthiest You Can Be, with Alloe V!

Aloe vera is a ‘miracle plant’ renowned for its all-purpose healing properties. Clinical analysis has revealed that the plant contains many amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, biological stimulators, and loads of vitamins. The medicinal use of Aloe vera dates back thousands of years and its properties have been further enhanced through modern scientific research.

Among its 300 different species, the most revered is Aloe barbadensis Miller. This is the primary ingredient found in QNET’s all-new natural health drink mix – Alloe V.

Alloe V contains the highest quality Aloe barbadensis Miller and thus all of its wonderful health benefits. Naturally formulated from plants grown organically in the arid soils of Mexico and extracted using advanced cold-process technology, Alloe V makes the most out of the plant’s natural curative properties.

What are the benefits of Alloe V?

  • Improves skin hydration to delay signs of ageing
  • Increases general wellness
  • Zero added sugar protects teeth
  • Provides energy to increase stamina

* Consumers will experience benefits within 1–6 months.

As soon as you purchase Alloe V from your eStore, start your daily habit by mixing one (1) sachet in 120 ml room temperature water and consuming it immediately before breakfast and another before bedtime**. You may also mix Alloe V with pure fruit juice or honey – or even Berry Xtreme to create a naturally thick berry smoothie.

** Recommended time of intake for optimum results, but not required.

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