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QNET Visits Mali – the Land of “Guassi”

Tim Harney with Mr Amadou Thiam, Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral and QNET IRs

For years now, QNET and its Business Development team and directors have joined hand-in hand with its customers, Independent Representatives, customer service centers / agencies and government officials in developing direct selling and network marketing in Africa and continue with wonder and respect at the richness of varied cultures, traditions, languages, and peoples’ excitement.

Earlier this year, we went on a 5-day visit to the West African nation of Mali. Our focus was a full day QNET and direct selling introduction to over 300 people, attended by government officials, journalists and some enthusiastic IRs. It was a fantastic platform for QNET to share our products/services, business opportunity, the direct selling industry and the enthusiasm of QNET IRs in Mali and the region.

But, so much more was shared during and after the press conference event!

Firstly, I can’t say enough about QNET’s consultant DMC Africa, headed by the honourable and professional Mr Amadou Thiam. His public and private service to all people of Mali is a wonderful match with QNET. Whether at the press conference, or visiting QNET IR offices or chatting about the history of Mali, Mr Amadou is a true advocate for the people’s betterment, so proud of his country and family and a wonderful spokesman for QNET.

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Secondly, and speaking of family, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr Amadou’s mother, sister and brother at the press conference. I also had the pleasure of meeting QNET’s very first IR in Mali. We introduced ourselves quite easily, and when I asked his name he said, “call me Papa Mali, ‘coz I’m Mali’s first IR!”

Tim Harney with Papa Mali!

Thirdly, we visited an exciting regional workshop just 1 day after the media conference. This event was arranged by AVP Fofana and other regional leaders and the excitement level (and singing and dancing) from the 400+ IRs was VIBRANT!!!

Last but not least, a bit about the above title and the word “guassi”, which is a proud Malian characteristic that means “a person having an innate ability to help another through compassion”. In practical terms, it’s 1) being aware of and 2) taking that extra special action to aid our colleague, a downline, a stranger and our global family. Interesting how this Malian trait mirrors the ideals of the QNET global family spirit. Like I said, so much was learned and shared in Mali – the Land of Guassi!

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  1. This is the Africa time.
    I wish QNET could visit Cameroon one day.
    We are working hard to see it happen.
    I am really encourage to see what is being done in other countries.
    It makes me being “HUNGRY”. We’ll make it for sure. We’ll make it happen.

  2. Thanks you for helping devellopping countries. I wish if you can come to Guinea Conakry to do the same thing.


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