Saturday, May 21, 2022

QNET In Tunisia, Partners Through Thick and Thin

In June 2015, QNET’s Business Development team visited the capital city of Tunis in Tunisia to meet with some QNET agents, local professionals, network leaders and government officers.

It was a productive five days in the culturally rich and balmy weathered Tunis. Despite a tight schedule of meetings, we managed some refreshing late night walks downtown and a 30-minute drive to Marsa, a beautiful ocean-front region with fantastic seafood and sunshine. It was amazing how close Tunis was to beautiful nature, aqua blue water and golden beaches.

Over the past five years, QNET’s various teams have visited Tunisia to develop our relationship and professional efforts and we are proud to have a mature and active agent in Tunis helping the market gain a better understanding of eCommerce and direct selling. We also have received updated assessments from one of Tunis’ most reputable law firms to ensure that QNET complies with the various aspects of law in Tunisia.

From recent meetings, it is clear that Tunisia is developing its awareness of eCommerce and consumer protection regulations. This is most welcome, as these regulations help distinguish legitimate direct selling companies like QNET from pyramid groups that are damaging the reputation of the direct selling industry.

QNET was invited to participate in a seminar where we shared our nearly 17 years of experience in direct selling through eCommerce. We also used the platform to talk about strong IT and customer service capabilities, locally sourced products and ethical compliance.

QNET strives to be a friend in Tunisia’s time of adversity, and a partner for success who will continue to provide quality products and business opportunities to Tunisians who are interested in embarking on a life-changing journey.

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