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QNET Indonesia Celebrates Ramadan with a Month Full of Generosity


During the Ramadan month, QNET Indonesia organised CSR activities in three major cities where QNET has offices – Surabaya, Denpasar, and Jakarta.

On 25 June, IRs and QNET staff in Surabaya gathered at the BRI Tower, the office building of QNET Surabaya, and distributed groceries to security and cleaning personnel. Following a refresher training session on RSP, select leaders including Associate V Partner Gita Hartanto and V Council Member Edhy Yusuf, along with QNET General Manager Bangun Simbolon, Marketing & Communications Manager Wita Dahlan, and Head of GSC Elyana and her team gave away the food packages.

QNET Depansar staff and several leaders – notably V Council Member I Gde Kariana and Associate V Partner Rosli Ismail – visited two social institutions in Bali. Goodie bags full of notebooks, toiletries and snacks were given to the children at the KH Mas Mansur Orphanage. Leaders from the Galaxy Team and The Best Global Team also donated some cash to help the orphanage with their operational expenses. Afterwards, the team proceeded to the nursing home, Tresna Werda Seraya at Gianyar, where they gave staple goods to the elderly while two IR teams donated cash to the home.

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In Jakarta, groceries were also given to security and cleaning services personnel at the building where the QNET office is located, the Sona Topas Tower. The personnel expressed how overwhelmed they were by the presents and said that the QNET staff were the only tenants in the whole building who performed such a gesture!

Each of these activities was followed by a small celebration over food and drinks, where staff and IRs were able to socialise and have a good time. Ramadan was indeed a perfect moment to show solidarity, compassion, and share with others in need.

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  1. I like very much what Isaw an read,Ramadhan is a huge month to share many moments in all the world not only in moslim countries.thank you guys for your patient and work.well done
    By the way,Ihope that these activities can be shared all the year and not only in Ramadhan.
    thank you,you are the best…


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