Sunday, May 22, 2022

Nesa of Malaysia Explains Why She Buys EDG3 on Repeat (RPP)


The QNET business is not a walk-in-the-park type of business. Success does not come easy, this is why we make sure that help is always available for you. We are committed to constantly finding means and ways to help you and your business teams succeed in your QNET business – this is why the Repeat Purchase Programme (RPP) was born. 

In this short interview, Nesa, an Independent Representative from Malaysia shares how she utilised the help she accessed from the Repeat Sales model and the Repeat Purchase Programme.  

Please tell us why you think RSP or Repeat Sales is important to you and to your business. 

1.   It is another very good option for me to earn. Through Repeat Sales, I benefit from the product purchases of my Retail Customers and IRs – not just once but repeatedly.

2.   Repeat Sales help my network earn regularly, especially those who are not yet ready to do the business full-time.

3.   Repeat Sales give me a good reason to reconnect with my direct referrals who have slowed down in the business. It is a good way to re-introduce them to new products and the strengthened ‘buy, use, repeat’ concept. 

What would you like to tell other IRs about the importance of RSP?

RSP is important as it offers us the opportunity to benefit from the purchases of retail customers who buy and use QNET products for personal consumption only. They may not be ready yet to build their own QNET business but through RSP, with the significant help from the Repeat Purchase Programme (RPP), they already become our business partners!  

We see that you have put EDG3 on RPP, can you please tell us some benefits that you have personally experienced as a consumer? 

For better energy and a good night sleep, I take EDG3 daily and have it on repeat order [RPP]. I pitch it by telling others how I feel and look healthier

You have downlines buying EDG3 on RPP. How did you convince them to go on RPP?

First, I believe in the benefits of EDG3, I’ve experienced them myself, this is why I can effectively sell and recommend it to others.

Second, I lead by example. I am on RPP and I pitch it by telling my own story – how I enjoy all the benefits that it offers.

I consider ‘leading by example’ equally important to emphasising the convenience, savings and earnings that RPP offers. With all the benefits we get, we do not see any reason not to go on RPP.

How Does RSP Work?
INFOGRAPHIC: What is the Repeat Purchase Programme (RPP)?

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  1. I need to restarte a Besnesse i was a QNET IR here in Angola from 2012 wat can i do now? pleas helpe me how i can restarte a QNET besnesse.

    • Hi Leonardo! Please email your query to our Global Support Centre at Thanks!


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