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Celebrate Yourself on World Entrepreneurs’ Day

World Entrepreneurs Day

What better way to celebrate World Entrepreneurs’ Day than to recognise the cogs that make QNET run smoothly – YOU! While you may not be convinced you are an entrepreneur (and a successful one at that!),  here are a few qualities we have seen in you that have us convinced that we have the best family of entrepreneurs in the world.

  • You are constantly challenging yourself
    The success rates of entrepreneurs starting a new business is fairly low. Despite those odds, you constantly strive to take your work to the next level. You never give up, even when it’s easier to quit.
  • You are resilient and persevere against odds
    Even when your family and friends are down about your business venture, you keep trying. You realise that success can take longer than expected and are prepared for the long wait and the hard work that goes in.
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes
    You explore different ways to achieve success. You are constantly on your toes, keeping up with trends and techniques. You are even willing to make whatever sacrifices need to be made and you do it ungrudgingly.
  • You teach
    Rather than keep life lessons and work hacks to yourself, you share willingly. You are not just interested in becoming successful, you are interested in helping others find the same sort of success.
  • Your vision rouses others to act
    You only need to look at your downlines to see proof of how well your vision works. It constantly amazes us that you not only have big dreams but you also have the wherewithal to see them true. It is not easy to turn your dreams to reality and yet you do it every day. You are an inspiration!

You share these qualities with some of the most important game changers the world has ever seen. Along with QNET, you are relentlessly raising yourself to help mankind. You uphold the value of self-empowerment in helping others and you strive to achieve our dream of touching a billion hearts. You should be as proud of yourselves as we are of you.

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On World Entrepreneurship Day, do us a favour and pat yourselves on your back on our behalf. Take the day to look back at your QNET journey and see for yourselves how far you have come. You deserve a standing ovation. Keep going!

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