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How the Practice of Caring Leadership Helps You on Your Journey to Financial Freedom

His never-give-up attitude is what makes QNET IR (Independent Representative) Nematullo Huseynov’s story so inspirational. Hailing from Tajikistan, Nematullo tells us about his roller coaster journey from being a corporate lawyer to being a successful IR. His story takes you through incredible lessons on perseverance, caring for your team while understanding the challenges and successes of your team, and the eye-opening lessons learned along the way.

Read more about his remarkable experiences in this interview.

How did you hear about QNET and how did you become QNET IR?

A close friend invited me to a presentation. I didn’t understand a single thing about the business plan and so after the presentation, I said a big NO to the presenter. After some time had passed, another IR followed up with me, and the business plan was explained to me by a different team. During that presentation, I learnt a lot more about the network marketing industry and about QNET. As a lawyer, I made sure to ask questions about legal transactions and all the responses were convincing. I still remember the date when I registered – 26 August 2010.

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

My challenges began when I built a team of 40 IRs. I started off really well but as the team got bigger, I started noticing that a lot of misunderstandings started to occur among my team members. In a very short time, I lost the whole team. That was a rock bottom moment in my QNET life and in my stint leading a team. It was a time to reflect on the depth of what had happened. I learnt a simple lesson from my struggles – YOU HAVE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR TEAM. In August 2012, I started building a new team. This time I was extremely careful of who I brought in and how I nurtured our relationships. I would regularly consult other QNET leaders and kept improving myself.

NH Walking to TrainingWalking through fields on the way to a training

My focus now is on duplicating my teams, and on the threads and the invisible bridges that connect IRs and make the network stronger. I need to identify the “leaders” in my team.  The progress, in my measurement, is slow but I have groomed some leaders among my downlines. I call them leaders because I can see them developing. They are spread across different regions and countries – Tajikistan, Afghanistan, UAE and Russia. They are my network – the Eagles. They are unstoppable and do not have boundaries or limitations.

This year, I am also focussing on stronger trainings. After V-Malaysia 2015, I have been changing the game within my team and developing a more proactive support mechanism. My biggest aim is to give my team stronger support through leadership trainings to help them build their own network. In Tajikistan, we made enough mistakes in networking and have learned so much from it. In that way, it is clear – success and challenges are all a part of the journey to financial freedom.

Nematullo Huseynov

Other challenges are at an administrative level. Tajikistan is on a different growth level with regard to business. For example, there are plenty of language barriers and communication gaps. Since business is all about information, we have developed a mechanism by which an IR who knows English can help translate the updates from QNET and the V. We organise small sessions where we translate Chief Pathman’s Wednesday videos and add it to our training updates. We also conduct trainings on how to use the Virtual Office, keeping in mind that the majority of our IRs do not use the internet regularly. Whenever a challenge appears, we find ways to work around it.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the big uplines and the V Family for the idea to support children with disabilities in Tajikistan. We are cultivating a culture of altruism and recently, our leaders in Tajikistan have extended their financial support for the same. I believe strongly in the InService Brotherhood and I believe it adds to the duty of building strong leaders and keeping us humble at the same time.

What is your favorite QNET product and why?

The BioSilver 22 Gel is my favourite product as it is tremendously great for the skin. It really helps with skin irritations. I wasn’t able to find a solution to it before but now with BioSilver, I have better skin. It is a really unique product and I highly recommend it.

Apart from this, I love collecting the CIMIER and Bernhard HMayer ® watches. In my opinion, they express the quality of a person’s character and their personal taste.

How often do you purchase QNET products? Do you use any consumable products (e.g. nutrition, personal care, digital products)? What are they?

I am big fan of e-Vouchers and therefore use them to redeem many products. I always get skin care gifts for my family along with jewellery and watches. With this new compensation plan, I am on board with RSP now and already have ideas on creating an RSP culture within my team.

What do you think of Q10, our new super hybrid compensation plan?

Perfect! Absolutely a great plan. I am also really impressed with the RSP plan. It is a really refreshing plan and I could really see the game changer goal and its connection to the plan. After V-Malaysia 2015, our team started learning how to use it in our work in Tajikistan and elsewhere.

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