Sunday, May 22, 2022

Up Your Game with these Incredible Swiss eLearning Health and Fitness Courses

You don’t need a news article about diet and exercise to tell you how important taking care of yourself is. You already know and in between your chaotic weekly work schedule and your well-deserved ‘do nothing’ weekends, there is a nagging thought that maybe you ought to do something about more about your fitness. The key to the newer, fitter you is as simple as signing up for the new Swiss eLearning Institute courses in Fitness and Nutrition offered by QNET.

We have hand crafted two 6-level courses called, one in fitness and the other in Nutrition. Together these courses will help give you the right balance between physical activity and the know-how about nutrition.  It is the best stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle and you can access it all with a click of your mouse.

Swiss eLearning Institute Fitness will guide you through the fundamentals of exercise to professional training programmes that will turn you into a fitness enthusiast. Through the course’s 6 easy-to-follow levels which you purchase separately from the eStore, you will jumpstart a happier and more active lifestyle while getting fitter and fitter.

In one module ‘How to Create an Active Life’, for example, learn how to combat lethargy slowly but surely and create a routine that comes naturally to you in a way that brings you fitness without the urge to give up. In the same module, the lesson ‘Some Common Exercises’ lists down some of the issues you face when it comes to fitness and also offers exercise suggestions that meets your needs. Suggestions like – if you want to get fit but also pick up a skill, you can opt for horseback riding or rock climbing or if you don’t have enough time, you can do short 10 minute bursts of exercise throughout the day.

Swiss eLearning Institute Nutrition, on the other hand will teach you what is essential for the optimal functioning of your body. Learn how to read body cues and how to make better food choices that will ramp up your health to its best level. This course is divided into 6 levels, each sold separately in the eStore that promise to make you a nutrition aficionado.

In the module ‘Why Should a Person Eat when He has Already Eaten?’ apart from learning about lifestyle choices and genes affecting your health, you can also learn a crucial lesson about ‘The difference between hunger and appetite’. The lesson helps you identify body signals that mean deficiency versus a craving. Armed with the knowledge of the differences, you can go on to create a balance between eating responsibly and eating for the love of eating.

These 6 level RSP courses are perfect complements to your LifeQode supplements the combination of which will give you nothing but the best of holistic health and wellness.

Excited to take the first step to the new you? Sign up today by visiting your eStore and buying Level 1 of each course under Education.

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