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We are still unaware of the complete workings of our bodies. They are complicated powerhouses and maintaining them is of utmost importance. As you read this post, a silent war is being raged in your body by millions of free radicals whose most basic effect is premature ageing. Free radicals are damaged molecules that are missing their electrons and are caused when the body fails to process oxygen correctly. While they are a part of life, our current lifestyle causes even more free radicals to be produced than normal. This can happen because of smoking (even passive smoking), pollution, stress, UK Light and processed food.  In its journey to finding its missing part, free radicals end up damaging other cells.

To counter free radicals, we need antioxidants. Ensuring a good amount of antioxidants in your diet can help reduce the chances of cancer, high blood pressure and cardiac problems. It can also help reduce wrinkles, improve immunity and fight the signs of ageing. Luckily for us, Berry Xtreme contains just the explosion of antioxidants we need. To figure out the specific antioxidant values of food, a test developed by scientists at the National Institutes of Health is conducted and a food’s ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score is found.  Berry Xtreme contains five super fruits listed at the very top of this ORAC chart!

We are happy to share that for every 100 grams of Berry Xtreme, you get 25,200 µmol TE which is right up there with fresh Maqui Berry, the most potent antioxidant of all the berries! What’s so good about Berry Xtreme is that unlike other antioxidant supplements in the market, it doesn’t contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, has no added sugar, no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is easy to consume.

The ORAC Value of Berry Xtreme as reported in the ORAC testing by SGS France (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company) means that you can enjoy these key benefits:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Enriched Skin Health
  • Boosted Energy Levels

So what are you waiting for? Order Berry Xtreme under the Health & Wellness category of your QNET eStore today!

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