Hailed as the ultimate skin care designed for all, the Physio Radiance line of products is distinguished by its unique formulation and advanced technology. This is why it’s the favourite personal care brand of no other than V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz herself.

Recently, Donna underwent a complexion analysis – almost a year after she started using the Physio Radiance ReplenisH Pack and the Visage+ Device and Cleansing Gel – and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  Below is her personal account of this wonderful discovery:

“I’ve been using our Reverse Ageing Kit for a year now despite not seeing visible results. My rationale? These were my products, and I was intimately aware of the science and substance behind them. The portable Physio Radiance Visage+ device has three of the most popular dermatological treatments, namely radio frequency, lifting and chromotherapy; while the skin care line contains breakthrough skin antioxidant, among others – so I knew they were good.

This is why I had eagerly taken a Visia scan at the medical centre before beginning the regimen in order to create a baseline for my story.

My second scan was supposed to be done 60 days after, but it took me almost a year to go for it because I hadn’t been seeing much change.

In fact, when I did decide to go for the second scan, it was more of an afterthought – a “side trip” since I was already at the hospital, meeting a dermatologist whom I heard was using the same skin care regimen for her patients with good results.

Imagine how amazed I was to see the before-and-after Visia scan results, to see an actual reversal of my skin’s ageing, from texture, pores, wrinkles, UV and brown spots! The doctor was amazed, too.

This was one time I was happy to be wrong! I never thought that a year after I had started using QNET’s Reverse Ageing Kit, I would get to proudly share my reverse ageing story, excited to have unmistakable proof that there was more to our products’ effects than met my eye.”

Wrinkles - Before and After

Before and after feature count scores:
09 Sep 2014 – 16 | 19 Aug 2015 – 9
Percentage of improvement – 44%

Skin Texture Before and After

Before and after feature count scores:
09 Sep 2014 – 224 | 19 Aug 2015 – 103
Percentage of improvement – 54%

Pores Before and After

Before and after feature count scores
09 Sep 2014 – 124 | 19 Aug 2015 – 73
Percentage of improvement – 42%

UV Before and After

Before and after feature count scores:
09 Sep 2014 – 29 | 19 Aug 2015 – 11
Percentage of improvement – 62%

Brown Spots Before and After

Before and after feature count scores:
09 Sep 2014 – 69 | 19 Aug 2015 – 25
Percentage of improvement – 64%

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