VUAE15 StageIdeators. Leaders. Doers. Innovators. Game Changers.

These are the speakers who are going to rock the stage at #VUAE15 and share their insights on a wide range of topics that are close to your heart.  

Dr. Selvam Rengasamy | Member of QNET’s Scientific Advisory Board and President of the Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine in Malaysia

Study about another LifeQode nutritional supplement, EDG3, and how it will help your body with antioxidants, boost your immune system and effectively detox your body. Learn the science behind the ingredients and exactly what consuming EDG3 means for your health.

Alistair Teng | Assistant Manager, Global Business Development & Training

Learn all about QVI points and the astounding number of properties at your disposal through this product. Find out how easy it is to pick the holiday of your dreams and pay with points instead of cash. 

Rory Blair | Director, International Medical Funds

Discover the importance of travel insurance and how you can always be protected while travelling abroad. Learn about Travel Shield and the financial support you will receive in case of unforeseen medical emergencies abroad. 

Sunny Suntokh | Health & Beauty Specialist

Hear about LifeQode’s Kenta and about what goes into making this nutritional supplement so good. Learn about the inspiration behind Kenta and what exactly it does for your body. Mr Sunny will also speak about skin care and what Physio Radiance can do for you. Keep a look out for the live, on-stage demonstration of a Physio Radiance routine as well. 

Dr. Shafi Shaik | Energy Product Specialist

Witness the unveiling of the new Amezcua Bio Light 2 and learn about biophotons and what this means for your body’s energy levels. You can also expect a live, on-stage demonstration of the product and see for yourself what the Bio Light 2 can do for you.

Dr Sitesh Roy | Diplomate of the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and voted among ‘The Best Doctors in America’ (2005-2012)

Be educated about the invisible but deadly air contaminants that we unknowingly breathe. Learn about air pollution, the problems it causes, the impact it has on our health, and how to protect ourselves from it.

Bernhard Gaksch | Head of eLearning

Ponder upon the role of education in our lives and discover all of the great Swiss eLearning Institute’s courses you can take up from the convenience of your home. Learn more about SMC University and how you can get the kind of quality education that you deserve.

Who are you most excited to see?

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