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The Ground-Breaking SilverSol Technology in BioSilver

Before the times of antibiotics, people all over the world used various forms of silver as a way to kill harmful bacteria. The Greeks and Roman civilisations used silver pails and coins to purify their water and in the 20th Century, silver in the form of solutions and minerals were used. The use of silver to treat infections isn’t new. SilverSol Technology®, however, is ground-breaking!

Given that this 20th century form of silver, called colloidal silver, wasn’t stable and its side effects were common, the creation of a new generation of colloidal silver was in order. This is why our U.S. manufacturer has patented a nano-technology called SilverSol Technology®. Through this process, silver is broken down into a new, previously unseen, molecular structure which supercharges silver particles into becoming Nano-encapsulated[1]. Simply put, SilverSol is a technique for suspending superfine pure silver particles in an easily applied gel to kill even the most resistant bacteria.

In chemical terms, the word ‘sol’ suggests pure minerals permanently suspended in water, with its charge transmitted to the entire body of water. While most silver products work through a chemical action requiring direct contact with microbes, SilverSol Technology® uses a catalytic action in addition to the chemical one. This means that SilverSol particles destroys pathogens, instantly recharges and kills again and again so that it stops the spread of the antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Unlike previous colloidal silver solutions, SilverSol Technology® is stable and has three main mechanisms of action:

  1. It removes the resistant layer of the bacterial membrane and thus kills it on contact.
  2. It resonates at the same frequency as the blue light used in labs to kill bacteria and viruses but since it is minuscule, it does the same job without the additional risk of exposure to the surrounding tissue.
  3. It has a magnetic attraction that allows it to bind and incapacitate the abnormal DNA of viruses.


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Not only do we use this amazing technology in BioSilver 22 Gel, as the name suggests, it also contains 22 parts per million of silver whereas other silver solutions contain only 14 parts per million. What this means is that your BioSilver 22 Gel contains the ultimate concentration of silver giving it a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial killing ability while remaining completely safe and non-toxic.

Biosilver 22 Gel destroy thousands of pathogens more than a simple silver solution, it is also completely safe and non-toxic. BioSilver is without a doubt the most-effective antimicrobial silver that your money can buy and it should be a staple of your home medicine cabinet.

Purchase BioSilver 22 Gel from your eStore under Personal Care and Beauty. Be confidently clean every day and enjoy RSP earnings along the way!


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  1. I use bio silver and can guarantee
    it’s functionality! Living in a very small town in Italy, life has it’s pros and cons! Pros,unity and all it’s positivity but when there is an epidemic disease, even the virus unites.The whole town had gastrointestinal attack except my family! Thanks to the frequent use of Biosilver!


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