Tuesday, May 24, 2022

QNET To Treat Achievers To Manchester City Game

The amount of blood, sweat and tears you pour into growing your business at QNET will never go unrecognised. As a token of our gratitude to those resilient IRs who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, QNET decided to handpick a mind-blowing package of treats. Our amazing QNET Achievers are in for a trip of a lifetime in Great Britain.

As recognition of all their hard work, selected members of the Achievers’ Club will be treated to a 3 night 5 star stay at a hotel in London, a first class trip to Manchester, and the much coveted Platinum box tickets to the upcoming Manchester City Football Club match against New Castle on the 3rd October (10pm HKST). Apart from premium views of what promises to be an exciting match, QNET’s achievers can interact with most of our top leaders as well as with fellow achievers.

To round the trip off and to give our stars a memory they can cherish forever, we have also made sure that the LED display at the perimeter of the field will read ‘QNET- Where Achievers’ Are Awarded’. Tune in to the match to spot our achievers and if you’re at the match, don’t forget to include us in your fun by tagging us at #QNETCity

 SEE ALSO: VIDEO: Achievers’ Club – The Stars Speak

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