The Leaders Waiting to Welcome Stars
Chief Network Success Officer Malou Caluza, V Managing Director ‘Chief’ Pathman Senathirajah, Founder Joseph Bismark and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer getting ready to welcome our newest Platinum and Diamond Stars onstage

Successful people in networking marketing are called ‘lucky’. The truth of the matter is that these resilient achievers have worked harder than you can imagine. Our Achievers’ Club members are made up of these industrious kinds who have never given up and have always kept at their goal no matter how hard it got. V-UAE 2015 provided us with the perfect platform to recognise these stars and to welcome even more incredible people into the club.

Trevor Kuna and Chief Pathman
QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna takes an onstage selfie with Chief Pathman Senathirajah.

On the fifth and final day of V-UAE 2015, the new Platinum and Diamond Stars took the VCON stage to deafening applause. It was a moment where they could take a step back to see exactly what they had accomplished and how proud they had made their loved ones, and how inspirational they were to the QNET family.

AVP Willie Martinez
Malou Caluza, Chief Pathman Senathirajah, Platinum Star and Associate V Partner Willie Martinez, Joseph Bismark and JR Mayer

Mr Bismark and Ms Caluza spoke about the importance of hard work and consistency and how genuine care for downlines, which involves moving them up with you, is the cornerstone for success. Born 4 years ago, and built by a think-tank of people who have put their hands and hearts towards a common goal, Achiever’s Club is an opportunity to showcase how persistence in fulfilling your goal will not only give you financial prosperity but also a chance at money-can’t-buy experiences you truly deserve. Achievers’ Club is meant to showcase how Awards, Incentives, Recognition and Events are within your reach in exchange for all your hard work, consistency and results.

Andre Abouzeid at V-Con Penang
Andre Abouzeid awarded a Platinum Star at V-CON Penang 2015 took the stage once again as a Diamond Star in V-UAE in the same year.
Andre Abouzeid at V-UAE
New Diamond Star Andre Abouzeid talked about his incredible and heart-warming QNET journey in his privilege speech.

The Diamond and Platinum stars who were once dreamers are now Achievers. If you have a dream, you can be the next Achiever!

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