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Every year, on October 2nd, the world celebrates the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, a humble lawyer whose persistence and determination created a powerful change at a time when technology and communication had not yet turned us into a global village.

In fact, our QNET Founders are profoundly inspired by the life and work of Gandhi, and his teachings laid the foundation for two important philosophies that are the core of our business today – RYTHM, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind – and In-Service.

If Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, he might even have been known as one of the world’s greatest networkers, for these very simple reasons!

  1. He gave himself completely in the service of others, even to those who lived miles and miles away. Gandhi wanted so deeply to help the world. He was filled with unconditional love and genuine care and compassion for humanity. When he was in South Africa, he walked more than 50 miles a day, reaching out to thousands and he slept very few hours.
  2. Gandhi said, “Full effort is full victory.” He believed that you shouldn’t let your mistakes stop you from growing. Continue giving your best and pick yourself up even if you fall. Keep your head high and march on. Nothing in life is more joyful than the effort of having tried!
  3. Gandhi was a Game Changer. Without realising it, he redefined the meaning of success. He saw opportunities in every difficulty – new challenges helped him push the boundaries of his intelligence and imagination, and he loved every minute of it!

Gandhi never expected people to follow him and he never regarded himself as a leader. His life was his message and as we honour him today as one of QNET’s biggest inspirations, we hope to learn a few things from him.

Happy birthday Gandhiji!

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