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V-UAE 2015: A Monumental Success!

Day Five V-UAE 2015. Photo Credite: The V
Day One of V-UAE 2015. Photo Credit: The V

The recently concluded V-UAE 2015 rocked the entire Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai with spectacular events throughout its 5-day run.

V-UAE 2015 Achievers’ Club Recognition

From stellar talks and brilliant hosting delivered by our beloved V Partners, to awarding ceremonies in recognition of the brightest QNET Achievers and our our newest Swiss eLearning Institute graduates – and to the unwavering inspiration brought by the ever-powerful presence of Chief Pathman Senathirajah and our Founders Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, V-UAE 2015 was rife with the most vital lessons and experience every QNET Independent Representative should receive.

Martina Hingis announced as QNET’s Brand Ambassador.

Of course, no V-Con would be complete without a handful of grand surprises. The first big news came in the form of tennis legend Martina Hingis who, on Day 2, was officially welcomed to the QNET family as our latest sports partner.  Two days later, what first appeared to be the introduction of a mysterious celebrity under the moniker ‘DJ Wild Child’ turned out to be Chief Pathman himself, once unmasked!

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The biggest revelation came on the final day – the unveiling of QI City!

At 26 acres, QI City is currently home to Quest International University Perak and QI’s very own hospital, and will soon bear a lavish condominium, recreational facilities including a man-made lake, a swimming pool, jogging and bike lanes, as well as a world-class shopping mall. All these are expected to break ground later this year.

Day Five V-UAE 2015. Photo Credit: The V

Over 10,000 participants bore witness to these events, which are now all part of each of our game-changing stories. Congratulations, QNET and The V!

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