You have read all about EDG3 and why we think it is so good for you. It is important, however, to have access to reviews from people who use the product on a daily basis. Here is list of real-life experiences with EDG3.

Lim Kah Chun

Lim Kah Chun EDG3

EDG3 has worked so well for me; I don’t get tired easily and I feel more energetic. My friends used to say that, even though I’m only 21 years old, I looked 28. Now, not only do I look younger, I feel young, too. My skin condition has improved and I look brighter.

Before, I would fall sick very often and stay sick for long periods, but ever since I started consuming EDG3, I would recover faster and have become more energetic. The results were far better than I expected.

I am grateful that QNET has given us IRs this product, because, not only is it reasonably priced, it is very effective. EDG3 has definitely put QNET at the forefront of the industry and is a great example of how it helps society raise its standard of living.


Gibson EDG3

I have been plus-sized for as long as I can remember, and always having low stamina made it hard for me to stay active or exercise; I wouldn’t last 30 minutes in the gym. It also doesn’t help that I have frequent asthma attacks, no thanks to the poor quality of air in our county.

Ever since I started consuming EDG3, my stamina has improved tremendously and I can now go through a whole exercise routine. I’m not as lethargic as I used to be, I recover faster and my breathing feels more regulated when pushing myself at the gym. I don’t even remember the last time I used my asthma inhaler. My skin has definitely improved; I don’t look as pale as I did before and I look so fresh. EDG3 has made me a more productive and confident person.

The long lasting effects that EDG3 gives me are unmatched. I’ve tried so many glutathione supplements available in the market, but instead of injecting it into the bloodstream, which has a more temporary effect, EDG3 helps your body produce glutathione on its own. This product definitely shows that the company cares for the health of its customers and wants to improve the general standards of living.

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Chen Kai Shing – Cass

I frequently fly to Bangladesh and, because of the bad quality of air there, I struggle to breathe – having asthma doesn’t make things easier. Wearing a mask would help, but only a little. Just two weeks of consuming EDG3 has enabled me to go about building my team in Bangladesh without a mask and not worry about my asthma. I’m also much more energetic and I can feel that my immunity has increased because I get colds and the flu less often. My skin has visibly improved, it’s so much smoother and my acne has also reduced.

When I began consuming EDG3 I expected it to make me healthier but I did not foresee it improving my asthma condition. It surpassed my expectations and I believe it’s a must-have for your daily routine! The product speaks for itself in the same way this company speaks for itself. I cannot be more pleased with the quality and its positive effects.

Wee Mi Lun – Cass’s Mom

Wee Mi Lun EDG3

When I first bought EDG3, I only expected it to improve my skin. But after having taken it regularly every morning, I see so many other various health benefits. The results of EDG3 are so visible, I don’t remember the last time I had fallen ill. I had skin pigmentation, but its intensity gradually reduced and my skin has also gotten smoother over time. I extracted my tooth not so long ago and the healing rate was very impressive.

It’s so easy to consume this product that it has become a part of my daily morning routine without any effort.

Su Yin Yin

Su Yin Yin EDG3

Before buying EDG3, I had serious constipation issues. After taking EDG3 for a few months, my digestion rate has improved. My skin tone has also improved. It is now smoother and brighter, and my acne has reduced. I can’t ask for anything more. When I started taking EDG3, my only expectation was that it would improve my skin, but after using it every morning, I was blown away by its health benefits. My grandma has also started taking this product and she feels healthier and younger after consuming EDG3.

This is a great health supplement that delivers great results to its customers and because of this, it is easy for me to sell this product and profit from it. I want to thank QNET for launching this product, as it is an effective health supplement that delivers what it promises, and at the same time, because it is such an effective product that it has become really profitable for IRs to sell.

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Nesamalar EDG3

After taking EDG3, my aches and pains that previously existed have now disappeared. I can sleep better now and my skin tone has gradually improved. In general, my health and wellbeing has immensely improved ever since taking this product. My expectations for EDG3 were not that high as it was a new product, but after taking it I was pleasantly surprised with how positively it affected my lifestyle . A very pleasant surprise!

I would love to have this product on repeat purchase. I believe it lives up to the promise that the company gives its IRs. It is unique, helpful and is of its own caliber. We as IRs look forward to selling products with such potential, and I am immensely confident about selling this product. When a product works wonders in the same way that EDG3 does, we IRs look forward to introducing this product to our next prospective buyer. I have never been as confident with any other product released by QNET. If I were to sum EDG3 up into a few words, I would say it is God’s gift to mankind.


Alvin EDG3

I bought EDG3 for myself, my mother, and a friend of mine. I take it for two days every three days. Since I started using it, I’ve become more energetic. I have also read up on what it does to your body and this made me realise that I had made a good decision to get it. I have been told that it does not clash with any other medication or food supplement and at the same time comes with no side effects. Now I can tell you confidently that this is very true. My skin tone has improved from taking EDG3 and I’ve noticed that my face now glows.  I hadn’t been expecting much before consuming EDG3, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I am more than happy with his product.

If I were to tell someone else about EDG3, I would share the analogy that a doctor used to talk about why we should buy it – because our cells are like fish that need clean water and food to survive. Glutathione is an important antioxidant that is essential in keeping the cells in the body functional and healthy. It is essential for a healthy life.

As an IR, I am very confident in this product. It speaks for itself. Hence there is not much of a burden to convince people to buy this product because this product delivers what it promises. All I need to do as an IR, is to show how effective EDG3 is.

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