RSP Testimonial Plammoottil Mathai Alexander

Maximizing income is not far from reach when the correct behaviours and practices are consistently exercised. Let’s hear how Plammoottil Mathai Alexander from UAE paved his way to becoming one of our Top Repeat Sales Products (RSP) Plan earners through his ‘love and share the products’ strategy. 

Please tell us why you think RSP or Repeat Sales is important to you and to your business.

I believe that RSP is one of the best earning methods to focus on for a lasting residual income. It is the future. A win-win situation – you buy and consume high-quality RSP products and get amazing health benefits while earning from sharing and selling products that you truly believe in.

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RSP tips for fellow networkers.

QNET has a lot of quality lifestyle products and services that not only cater to nutrition and wellness needs but also for personal development, business solutions and more. You have to know the products by heart. How? You have to see and feel the benefits yourself. This is important because you can only, credibly sell or share only the products that you truly believe in.

You also have to pass on this behavior to your business organization to ensure that it will remain strong.

Favourite Products:

QVI Breaks, LifeQode Edge and LifeQode Berry Xtreme.

Can you please tell us some benefits you have personally experienced as a consumer? 

QVI Breaks is convenient and reliable.

For LifeQode, I have been using Berry Xtreme and Edg3 for 2 months now. I have researched about it and I believe that antioxidants are known to lower cholesterol levels. I have personally experienced an increase in my energy levels.

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