While all of our products are created keeping you in mind, we’ve always loved receiving feedback from you. We love hearing your input, and as members of the same QNET family, we share the joy of your successes. In this post, we share with you the real life experiences that some of our Independent Representatives (IRs) have had with QVI Points.

Lamis Jordan

“I love QVI. It gives you the opportunity to see places and visit places you never thought of. You can travel anywhere with very good packages, good prices, and to amazing places worldwide. ” – Lamis, Jordan

VC Omar Egypt

“QNET has a wide range of products but the one I like best is the one I purchased when I first joined QNET, a QVI product. Why do I love this product? Because you can save a lot of money, that is the first thing. The other thing is that you can gift your family and friends with it. It is a great product for me because I love travelling a lot. QVI has a huge resource of destinations that you can enjoy – you can go to Malaysia, India, Egypt and a lot of other countries – and at the same time, you are growing your business. My family, my relatives and I have used QVI almost 30 times. With QVI Points, you can travel more and more and more. You have access to 340,000 hotels and you can make a reservation in very easy steps!” – V Council Omar Medhat, Egypt

Jaya India

“QNET has given me an amazing life and my favourite product is QVI. I have been using it for the past 4 years and the experiences have been really exquisite, I can say. I would like to mention one of my favourite resorts, the Royal Goan Beach Club. It is an amazing property and the apartments are huge.  There is a pool right in the middle and there is a bar in the pool so you can sip your drinks while sitting in the pool. Right behind the apartment is a private beach where you can enjoy all kinds of watersports. It was an amazing experience and I really liked it. When I shifted to Dubai, I used the Dubai apartments. They were, first of all, very cheap when compared to the rate in Burj. Next, it was a complete apartment so I could cook. Third, it was right in the hub of Dubai and so everything was so accessible. So my experience with QVI so far has been amazing and I would recommend QVI to each and every person because there are over 1,000 resorts worldwide which gives you a lot of scope to travel worldwide.” – Jaya Oswal, India/Dubai

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