Saturday, May 21, 2022

QNET Achievers’ Club Adventure in Great Britain

What better way to thank our Achievers’ Club for all their hard work and perseverance than to treat them to a trip of a lifetime. Over the month you have read about all the great things they have been up to. Here is a wrap up of the event.

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QNET Achievers' Club in England

The Achievers’ Club were pampered with 5 star stay in London followed by a first class trip to Manchester. In Manchester, the Diamond and Platinum stars visited the stunning new Etihad Stadium where Manchester City Football Club obliterated the New Castle Football Club’s defence by winning 6-1. The Achievers were witness to all the action packed adventure from their plush Platinum box seats, also a present from QNET.

QNET Achievers' Club in London

QNET Achievers' Club in Platinum Box at Etihad Stadium

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QNET Achievers' Club in England

The highlight of the Achievers’ Club trip was a prestigious invite to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s birthday. The birthday party was hosted in London and members of the Achievers’ Club were given the unique opportunity to spend some quality time with their mentor and inspiration.

QNET is the one place where the blood, sweat and tears you pour into growing your business will never go unnoticed. Your determination and your toil will always be rewarded.

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  1. amazing group i hope working with you as a team you gave us agreat opportunity .we want you to visit us in algeria soon this is one of my dreams to see u in our office

  2. That was veeeery inspiring! It made feel ashamed of the fact that I have exactly the same opportunity but I am down playing my potential!
    To our Visionary, once again congratulations! May u live to blow another 60 candles!!!


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