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Taarana’s Special Needs Children Touch Hearts at Concert

The students of Taarana School, QNET’s very own educational centre for children with special needs, put on a spectacular performance and captured many hearts at a concert at Kuala Lumpur. Taarana was established under Vijayaratnam Foundation, QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm in Malaysia and this event saw 38 special needs children, aged between four and twelve, showcasing their talents through a wide range of performances including dancing, singing and group presentations.

Taarana Annual Concert3

The 90-minute show, themed ‘Communication through Diversity”, was a platform for the special needs children to display their voice. The children, who often have difficulties communicating verbally, made a compelling show of non-verbal communications that moved the audience. The fact that they had to overcome a myriad of behavioural and emotional challenges to put up such an amazing show inspired deafening applause and admiration from the 300 strong crowd gathered at the SJK Chung Kwo auditorium. 

Taarana Annual Concert QNET QBUZZ

The concert was a huge pat on the back for the staff of Taarana who are committed to the belief that all individuals can learn and have the right to an education that helps them explore and experience life to the fullest of their abilities.  QNET Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, who was also present at the concert, paid tribute to the unstinting efforts and dedication of all those who had supported Taarana’s endeavours, especially the teachers for their persistence and perseverance.

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Taarana Annual Concert QBUZZ QNET

Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation that runs the school said, “At Taarana, we have helped children with learning disability realise their true potential. We have even helped “graduate” four of our students back to normal school at the start of the year because of the progress they achieved at Taarana. The school is now in need of support from every strata of society, hoping for generous donors and individuals to help the school reach out and impact more children who are in need of special education.”

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