Our HomePure range of products is NSF certified and guaranteed to provide you with quality drinking water while helping you save costs in terms of water and electricity expenditure. While we love to let our product do the talking, here are some real life experiences from Independent Representatives (IRs) who use HomePure water filters regularly.

Heda Sudan

“In my country, the water is very polluted and it is quite muddy. We didn’t have any other solution to this other than to buy water, and it was quite expensive. I was introduced to HomePure and I brought it home. There was quite a difference in the water – the colour, the taste, even the quality of water. It was the first time I saw white ice! It used to be a brownish colour before. More importantly, HomePure water has given me energy. I used to drink water and always feel thirsty or feel tired. But with HomePure, I drink one glass of water and I feel full and more radiant. That is my experience and why I recommend HomePure for everyone!” Hend, Sudan

johan handoko homepure in waterfall

“I’ve decided to buy HomePure as I was impressed by its 7-stage filtering system, its easy maintenance, it doesn’t use electricity. I believe that it should be able to provide my family with best quality water. I’ve been drinking HomePure water for more than a year, and I am very happy with it. It doesn’t only give me clean water, but healthy living water. It is more cost efficient too, I spend 60% less than if I were to consume distilled or mineral water.” – Johan Handoko, Indonesia

VC Kuanysh Armiyanov

“My favourite product is HomePure. Why? Because it is a family product and I have two kids whose health and future I care about. You just need to change the inside filter. It is a forever product. I recommend it for everybody” V Council Kuanysh Armiyanov, Kazakhstan

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