HomePure Filter With and Without HomePure Prefilter
A HomePure filter that was used without a HomePure Prefilter and one that was used with a HomePure Prefilter

You decided to take your family’s health into your own hand and bought a HomePure water filter to help you have access to quality drinking water right in the comforts of your home. Unfortunately, you find out that your tap water is of really low quality. It causes rust and sediments from it reduce the life of your filter cartridge and restricts the water flow.

To address this problem, QNET has created a HomePure Prefilter that helps your HomePure 7-in-1 Filter Cartridge and your HomePure Eaze Filter Cartridge work to its full lifespan. By tackling the problem of low quality water head on, the HomePure Prefilter ensures a better and longer lasting performance by your HomePure water filters.

HomePure Water Prefilter from QNET

So what can you expect from a HomePure Prefilter?

  1. It screens out larger foreign sediments. It is tested to find that you can expect 80% removal of 5 microns sized particles and 95% removal of 10 microns sized particles.
  2. It is designed to help increase the clarity of water and helps prepare your water for final filtration
  3. It can be used at the sink, the shower or any water outlet that you choose
  4. Its modern and compact size allows easy installation. Just plug and enjoy its benefits.
  5. It is made of NSF-approved materials and so safety is guaranteed.
  6. It has an encapsulated filter which means it is protected from contamination from the outside.
  7. It helps your HomePure 7-in-1 Filter Cartridge and your HomePure Eaze Filter Cartridge perform to its best

What are you waiting for? Purchase the HomePure Prefilter at your eStore today!

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