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The Secrets Of Physio Radiance Visage+

It Balances And Lightens Uneven Skin

Most, if not all, people have complications with their complexion – Uneven color and texture, wrinkles, oily blotches and pigmentation. Getting a more balanced skin tone is much easier with Physio Radiance Visage+ Facial Device together with our incredible range of skin care products. We also recommend some simple lifestyle changes can help to significantly improve your complexion.

It Lightens Your Skin Tone To 1 – 2 Shades Lighter

The Physio Radiance Visage+ is probably the first device of its kind to empower you with 3 state of the art skin technologies that utilises and combines three skin treatment technologies; – Galvanic technology, Radio Frequency and Chromotherapy.

For optimal effects, we recommend you use MODE C with the Visage + Gel. Together, it deeply cleanses the skin and purifies facial pores by removing excess traces of dead cells, impurities, excessive oil on the surface layers of the skin, resulting a softer, smoother and a completely cleansed skin. It also helps increase blood circulation while rejuvenating and tightening facial tissues.

Simple Steps To A Lighter Skin Tone

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  1. After cleansing skin with Physio Radiance Comfort Emulsion Cleanser, apply ample amounts of Visage+ Gel on your wet skin.
  2. For a more dramatic effect, use an atomizer spray filled with Amezcua Bio Disc energized water and spray on your face.
  3. Switch device to Mode C (Micro Galvanic Current) together with LED light of your choice to deep cleanse.
  4. Gently move device over entire face. Start from the chin then move to one side of the cheek then up to the nose area, followed by the forehead area and down to the other side of the cheek. Continue with the procedure until you are back to the chin for 3 minutes.
  5. If desired, repeat the process for another cycle (3 mins.) for a lighter & radiant skin.
  6. Wash/Rinse face immediately after this procedure.

Best done 3 times a week for optimum results.

Physio Radiance Visage Results

Suitable for: Oily , Combination and Uneven Skin Tones

Lifestyle Changes You Can Adhere To:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  • Water helps to cleanse skin from the inside out and preventing dehydration and wrinkles. Keeping well hydrated will keep your skin looking plump and fresh.
  • Try to drink at least 3 – 4 litres of fluids a day, including Amezcua Bio Disc energized Home Pure water. Try to make water your primary drink, substituting it for sugary drinks or alcohol.
  • Avoid sodas and alcohol which can have a negative effect on your skin. Sugars and chemicals in soda and sugary drinks may cause oil buildups on skin surface while drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin and accelerates dryness & premature ageing.
  • Try alkalizing your water, as both have proven to have extra skin-boosting benefits and add a refreshing twist to your H2O
  1. Exercise regularly. 
  • Working out doesn’t just affect your shape, size and weight, but helps to generate new skin cells which keeps your complexion even and young.
  • Heavy workouts aren’t required to get healthy looking skin. Instead, focus on just getting your blood pumping e.g. brisk walks for a few minutes every day.
  • If you have dirt or grime build up on your skin during your workout, be sure to wash your face afterwards to avoid oil and dirt congesting your pores which in return may cause your skin to break out.
  1. Consume LifeQode products, fresh fruits and vegetables instead and forego junk food. 
  • LifeQode Products are aimed to restore the body’s supply of essential nutrients to promote long life and vitality. Try Edge, Kenta, Berry Xtreme and Alloe V.
  • Instead of completely cutting junk food out of your diet, slowly incorporate more fresh food and less processed food to help your skin.
  • Some foods like blueberries and salmon, which are high in antioxidants, are great for evening out your complexion.

To feel the benefits of the Physio Radiance Visage +, purchase one at your eStore now!

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