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Are you looking for a change in environment? Perhaps planning a honeymoon or a quick getaway? Or even a destination wedding? QVI Club Resorts have plenty to offer for all occasions!

Prana Resort Nandana (pictured below) is a gorgeous blend of modern interiors and traditional Thai designs, creating the perfect environment for relaxation. This resort is truly a beautiful work of architecture!

Prana Resort Nandana Koh Samui

If you are looking to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Prana Beach Villas (pictured below) will provide you with the most stunning views of the ocean. Surrounded by turquoise waters and lush greenery, this resort is ideal for a week of lazing around in the sun or exploring the jewels of the ocean.

Prana Beach Villas Koh Samui

Located along Lorong Ceylon, One @Bukit Ceylon (pictured below)  is a serviced residence situated conveniently within the heart of the Golden Triangle. Whether you are looking to host a wedding anniversary, a surprise birthday party or a family gathering, look no more – you will be within walking distance from the most premium shopping districts in Kuala Lumpur and the best of Malaysian cuisine!

One at Bukit Ceylon, Malaysia

Fascinated with Turkish culture, history and delicacies? Then pack your bags! Rich in beauty and elegance, the Doğan Hotel (pictured below) is situated at the scenic coastal town of Antalya. If you are a fan of old world buildings and views, you would be at the right place. Here, explore natural coves, forests and the ancient ruins of Kemer at your convenience.

DoĞan Hotel Antalya Turkey

With an offering of over 1,000 resorts worldwide, XchangeWorld is an international holiday exchange network featuring direct partnerships with selected resorts. With the purchase of any QVI Club membership, you are entitled for an automatic access to XchangeWorld Resorts which covers the entire duration of your membership!

With this comes another great selection of resorts that you can explore! From the historic cities and idyllic countryside of Russia, world heritage sites and sandy beaches of India, having breakfast by the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai to riding elephants in Sri Lanka and discovering the tribal cultures in Kyrgyzstan, we have carefully handpicked our resorts to ensure your travels are fully optimised.

If you are looking for an intimate holiday experience, we’ve got that sorted for you as well! Set in the most beautiful and desirable locations, the Exclusive Boutique Collection features private elegant resorts perfect for romantic getaways where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Pick one of these resorts based on your preference and we can guarantee outstanding services and complete privacy.

How much more appealing can all these sound? For any form of travel itinerary that you may have, you can count on QVI!

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