QVI Club was designed for people who have a passion to see the world. What makes it different from other holiday packages is that while you are enjoying a relaxing holiday, you can earn your bread and butter at the same time. Read what these inspirational Independent Representatives have to say about their first-hand experiences with QVI.

Reziouk From Algeria QVI Club

“My favourite product is QVI. The reason I chose it is because it is my dream. My dream was always to travel around the world. I found out that QVI Club was a way to share this dream with other people.  You cannot find a travel product that is better than this. I have been using it since my first day with QNET. If I could give you just one advice, it would be for you to please use QVI products. Let’s travel around the world!” – Reziouk, Algeria

Aashi India QVI Club

“QVI Club is one of the best products I’ve used in QNET. I really like the kind of services they provide. They are instant, and if you have any problems or if we don’t understand something, you get replies within 24 hours. The best thing I like about it is that before we approach them, they approach us directly. I have used their products 3-4 times. I have stayed at the best of properties and experienced the best of services and I’m really thankful to QNET that it is so cheap.” – Aashi, India

Jawad Ali and Hassan Alsoud QVI Club

“I joined QNET in 2008 so I’ve been in this business for 7 years. I was an IT engineer but after I joined QNET and benefitted from this business, I quit all other business and got into this full time. One of my favourite products is QVI because to me, it is not an ordinary product. QVI Club means that I can enjoy a good lifestyle, you travel, and you enjoy your life.  QNET is about enjoying your life and making your life better and one of the best ways to make your life better is to travel. QVI gives great service and access to very great properties all over the world. I have used QVI in many countries – in Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Dubai, Georgia. QVI’s service is amazing – very quick replies, very good services – anything I want, they help me with it and they give me many choices. I think QVI means high lifestyle and anyone who wants to experience the good life should use QVI.” – VC Jawad Ali, Syria (on the right)

“I have bought all of QNET’s products since 2008 but in the last 2-3 years, I discovered QVI Club and I saw that it was the perfect product for me. I travel a lot but now I never book hotels directly, I use QVI. Try to buy a QVI product and I promise you that if you buy QVI once, you will buy it over and over again. I promise you that you will really enjoy yourself with this product.” – VC Hassan Faries Alsoud (on the left)

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