Ribbon cutting by AVP Gita Hartanto to mark the celebration has begun
Ribbon cutting by Associate V Partner Gita Hartanto to mark the beginning of the celebration

Over the past 14 years, Indonesia’s biggest group – Amoeba International – have made a big name for themselves. To celebrate the momentous occasion of their 14th Anniversary, a celebration was organised at the Sentul International Convention Centre that saw over 9000 attendees from all over the world. It was obvious, during the ceremony that Amoeba International has grown from being just a group to becoming a big, tight-knit family with the spirit of brotherhood flowing freely between them.

QNET booth, always a major attraction
The QNET Booth

QNET had the pleasure of setting up a vibrant booth at the venue with a product display, a chance to sample products first hand and a product pick up area. It saw a steady stream of visitors from 8am to midnight.

The excitement over this big milestone became apparent when people started gathering in front of the venue from as early as 6am. The air was filled with inspiring songs, music and team chants and the energy was contagious. At 9am, V Council Deni Hartoyo took the stage and along with Associate V Partner Gita “Tobing’ Hartanto and his key leaders, cut the red ribbon to open the ceremony.

QNET MD J.R. Mayer definining QNET
QNET Managing Director JR Mayer defines QNET for the audience

Bangun Simbolon, General Manager QNET Indonesia, spoke about “Why QNET”. He reminded the audience that in order to achieve success, we must follow the principles of planes taking off. “Every pilot knows that in order to take off, you must fully accelerate. How can you fly when the airplane is moving slowly and the runway is short?”

Leading singer & actress Dewi Perssik mingled with QI directors before performing
Renowed singer and actress Dewi Perssik with V Partner Kuna Senathirajah, V Managing Director ‘Chief’ Pathman Senathirajah, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer

The evening saw a surprise concert by renowned singer and actress Dewi Perssik who gave a spectacular performance that got the audience on their feet and dancing.

The highlight of the event was watching a video that showed how the top leaders of Amoeba International were 15 years ago and how far they had come since then. In the video, you could see how Associate V Partner Tobing was a coffee seller, top leader Anshori was a driver and V Council Eddhy Yusuf used to run a tiny shoplet that was also his house.

Please join us in congratulating Amoeba International and the wonderful work they have done for QNET. Here’s wishing them many more anniversaries to come!

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