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During one of our discussions on creating products that would benefit our Independent Representatives (IRs), QNET decided to create and launch the AirPure AirPurifier to help households benefit from clean air. Since its launch, we have constantly been brainstorming and burning the midnight oil for one purpose – to keep making our air purifiers better and better.

All those months and months of planning and designing lead us to create the AirPure 2 which had the amazing antibacterial prefilter, the HPP filter, the activated carbon filter as well as our exclusive Amezcua Air Filter.In 2015, to enhance the AirPure 2’s efficiency and to make it more user friendly, we launched an enhanced version after months and months of testing. So what’s new in the 2015 AirPure Air Purifier?

Apart from the new, user-friendly backcover, the AirPure Air Purifier today sports a whole bunch of upgrades and enhancements you can take advantage of.

  1. A New Hybrid Prefilter:

This enhanced and upgraded prefilter now serves more functions that the first version.  It is now made up of two layers which are capable of trapping even more larger dust particles. They are more efficient in eliminating common airborne microbials and in reducing volatile organic compounds. The new layer of the hybrid prefilter is made of a very special, electrostatically charged honeycomb layer and is specially treated with a Nano air cleansing properties.

  1. Upgraded Activated Carbon Filter:

The first version is already an effective filter for absorbing common gaseous compounds and cigarette smoke and smell. We have now made it even stronger and better by using a honeycomb structure that ensures more absorption area for the VOC pollutants to be reduced.


Any good and effective air purifier MUST be able to address and arrest 3 unseen yet critical dangers in our air today.  These 3 areas are:

  1. Indoor dust particulates or pollutants.
  2. Indoor airborne microbials.
  3. Indoor volatile organic compounds.

The AirPure Air Purifier is comparable to established brands in the marketplace because it can perform effective and reliable air purification to counter the 3 indoor air issues mentioned above.

  • AirPure’s unique 4-stage air purification system delivers you 99.97% purified air.
  • It effectively removes and reduces dust pollutants, common airborne microbials and many types of harmful volatile organic compounds.
  • AirPure does not use UV lights as there may be ozone emissions which are harmful.
  • Creates a relaxing and harmonized indoor room environment with the exclusive Amezcua Air Filter which is a Swiss design and technology.
  • It is the perfect solution for those with asthma and sinusitis.

The QNet AirPure Air Purifier (ECARF Accreditated), available at your eStore, is an effective product you should consider as part of your indoor air quality control, in your homes and business offices.  It is a surefire way to get clean, healthy, energized air and mist where you spend the most amount of time.

Author’s Profile

Andrew Ong is an Air & Water Technologies Specialist.  He is trained as an IAQ Assessor and have studied as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.  Andrew Ong has travelled extensively to many international regions as an IEQ trainer and presenter. He provides IEQ solution protocols to clients and is passionately involved in R&D for air and water technologies products and services. He is a member of the ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) and the WQA (Water Quality Association). 

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