Making The Difference Today.

The core functions of any good air purifier that we buy today are to trap dust pollutants, eliminate airborne microbials and to reduce volatile organic compounds at the highest levels achievable. All effective air purifiers will have and must have these 3 functions.

Our AirPure Air Purifier and AirPure Humidifier takes it to another level by doing something that has never been done or even thought of by others. In addition to providing clean, purified air, we also energise it to create a relaxing and harmonizing environment in your home or office.

What’s So Special About The Amezcua Technology?

Let’s put a highly scientific and technical explanation into layman’s language for all of us to understand.  The only scientific jargon we shall use to summarize is that we create a biologic-energetic effect that can be felt or experienced by people in the vicinity of the Amezcua products incorporated into the AirPure products.  The embedded energy in the Amezcua Air Filter and the Amezcua Strip will be transferred into the atmosphere through air and water effectively.  We have even carried out various tests to prove it.

How Did We Do It?

We knew that it is possible to transfer energy waves that can create a positive effect on people’s body and mind.  Energy that is good for us can be absorbed through our body tissues.  So, we reckoned that using clean purified air and cool mist through the AirPure products will be the best way to get this energy to you and into you.

Why Did We Do It?

We just want to be different from the norm of giving you clean healthy air.  We want to give you something more that is not found in such products.  We want you to experience energized air and mist that will also harmonize your indoor environment, bringing you a relaxing feeling, especially after a hard day’s work.  You deserve it!

We Tested It!

To prove that the Amezcua Energising Air Filter actually works, we got our energy testing experts and laboratories to do some tests. We did 3 tests i.e Meridian Diagnostics, Heart Rate Variability and Auro-scopy.  Again more scientific lingo here but don’t worry! It simply means that we test the body behavior patterns of a group of people when they do not use Amezcua products and what happens when they do.

Every individual has 26 meridians that represent the state of ‘Chi’.

This is a graph of individuals breathing in air from regular air purifiers. They were found to have 5 abnormal meridians.


Individuals who breathed in air from the AirPure Air Purifier with the Amezcua filter showed a reduction of abnormal meridians from 5 to 2.

Breathing AirPure Air Purifier is seen to reduce stress levels. You can see a significant reduction in levels of stress when compared to individuals who breathed normal air from regular air purifiers.

Stress levels of people who breathed air from regular air purifiers

Stress levels significantly reduced in people who breathed the energised air of the AirPure with the Amezcua filter

The Results.

The test results shows it!  Our Amezcua technology is able to make a difference in our AirPure Air Purifier and AirPure Humidifier.

Summarizing All Of It Up.

The AirPure Air Purifier and Humidifier with Amezcua Energizing Air Filter & Strip is able to balance the human autonomous systems, improve and strengthen energy and harmony, and harmonize the Chakras, thus preventing suffering from negative exterior influences.  And all these can be achieved by breathing AirPure’s purified air or cool mist. Pick one up for your family at the eStore today!

Author’s Profile

Andrew Ong is an Air & Water Technologies Specialist.  He is trained as an IAQ Assessor and have studied as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.  Andrew Ong has travelled extensively to many international regions as an IEQ trainer and presenter. He provides IEQ solution protocols to clients and is passionately involved in R&D for air and water technologies products and services. He is a member of the ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) and the WQA (Water Quality Association).