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Raise Your Team, Raise Yourself!

mohannad qais

Associate V Partner Mohannad Qais was an ordinary employee making his way up the corporate ladder when his brother, V Partner Dr. Motaz, introduced him to QNET. He was very hesitant to join the business in the beginning but with the mentoring of his brother, he soon not only joined QNET but started ringing in achievements upon achievements. He was recognised as a Platinum Star in V-Con Penang earlier this year and has now smashed all requirements to reach the Diamond Star milestone.

A firm believer in ethical marketing, Associate V Partner Mohannad is an advocate of hard work and not taking any shortcuts. His mighty team, KNIGHTS, spans the Middle East and Central Asia and is only getting stronger and stronger.  When asked what the secret to his success was, he said ‘I keep my downlines in my heart’.

What lesson have you learnt during your journey with QNET?

When I joined QNET, everything I did was for my own personal gain. But QNET is not only about me. I may have only want to earn by myself but I learned the greatest lesson of raising yourself to help others. If I helped my team get what they want, I would get what I wanted. QNET was born out of love and ethics.

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What dreams has QNET enabled you to fulfil?

QNET relieved me from my “mental calculator”. I used to keep count of my expenses and my mental calculator worked overtime to keep me away from anything that was over budget. But this mental calculator just shut down and now all I ask myself is if I like something or not; I don’t check to see if I can afford it. I change cars almost every year, because I can.

I went on my dream honeymoon in Maldives for a whole week. I only looked at 5-star hotels and opted for the very best and the most luxurious options available, all thanks to Allah and QNET.

What advice would you give someone aiming to be an achiever?

Some of the strongest lessons I give my team is to love, to help others, and to be honest and never cheat anyone.

Your dreams are worth fighting for. Whatever your dream is right now, make it bigger and fight for it. Imagine and live those dreams in your mind, and you will join us in the amazing Achievers’ Club.



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